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Mini PC Price in Bangladesh 2021

Products Name Latest Price in BD
Gigabyte Brix GB-BACE-3160 Mini PC 11,500

Mini PC Overview

Mini PCs, also known as minicomputers or mid-range computers, are a variant of computers that possesses most of the features and capabilities of a large computer but is smaller in physical size.
Alike to a computer, a mini PC has a central processing unit (CPU) and memory, which means a PC basically operates the same way as a computer does. Where the CPU would execute instruction by fetching it from the memory, using ALU to perform an operation, and then storing the result to memory.

A PC generally have the same parts as a computer, but there are a few differences, let’s look at what’s in this PC:

  • Processor: Performs operation based on data. This PCs generally uses (ARM)-based processors as it is small and energy-efficient.
  • Memory: Stores data. There are two types of memory: Read-only memory (ROM) and Random-access memory (RAM). ROM cannot be altered, while RAM can be repurposed.
  • Storage: This PC uses Flash memory to hold information.
  • Operating System: Platform to run other programs.
  • Computer ports: Allows connection with other devices such as a monitor, keyboards etc. Depending on the mini PC, it may also have USB or HDMI, RCA-video out, audio jack.

As you can tell, This type of Pc serves as a rather multipurpose word. Best PC Components Price in Bangladesh at IT Plus BD.