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Antec Power Supply

Antec Atom 350W Power Supply

৳ 2,000

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 Price in Bangladesh 2021

Products Name Latest Price in BD
Antec HCG-750 Gold Series 750W Full Modular 11500
Antec VP650 Plus 650W Non Modular 5500
Antec VP550 Plus 550W Non Modular 4100
Thermaltake Smart BX1 RGB 650W Non Modular 80 Plus Bronze Certified 7000
Corsair CV650 650Watt 80 Plus Bronze Certified 5700
Cooler Master Elite 500W V3 ATX 4200
Cooler Master Elite V3 300w Atx 3000

Power Supply Overview

A power supply is a device that converts one voltage to another more convenient voltage while delivering power. This supplies are designed from the output back to the input. Since they are designed after the amplification stages, it is tempting to think of them as an afterthought; indeed, some commercial products reflect this attitude. It is most important to realize that an amplifier is merely a modulator and controls the flow of energy from the supply to the load. If the power supply is poor and has insufficient energy to meet the amplifier’s peak demands, then the most beautifully designed amplifier will be junk.

As you can tell, “Power Supply” serves as a rather multipurpose word. Best PC Components Price in Bangladesh at IT Plus BD.