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Casing Price in Bangladesh 2021

Products Name
Latest Price in BD
Aigo DarkFlash DLM21 MESH White Tempered Glass Micro ATX Casing 3000
Antec DA601 Gaming Case Mid-Tower 6800
Cooler Master Masterbox MB520 RGB 7000
Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-01 Blue LED Mid-Tower Gaming Case 3400
FANTECH PULSE CG71 RGB Middle Tower Case 3300
Gamdias Mars M1 Mid Tower Gaming 5000
KWG VELA M3 Mid Tower PC 2900
MaxGreen A361 RGB Mid Tower 3100

Casing Overview

The computer case serves mainly as a way to physically mount and contain all of the actual components inside of a computer, like the motherboard, hard drive, optical drive, floppy disk drive, etc. They typically come bundled with a power supply.
The housing of a laptop, netbook, or tablet is also considered a case but since they aren’t purchased separately or very replaceable, the computer case tends to refer to the one that’s part of a traditional desktop PC.
There are several reasons why we use computer cases. One is for protection, which is easy to assume because it’s the most obvious. Dust, animals, toys, liquids, etc. can all damage the internal parts of a computer if the hard shell of a computer case doesn’t enclose them and keep them away from the outside environment.

As you can tell, “Casing” serves as a rather multipurpose word. Best PC Components Price in Bangladesh at IT Plus BD.